Lavipharm Buys Phasex. (Lavipharm Laboratories licenses)

Posted by Kara Williams on 12/1/00 6:41 PM

Chemical Week

LAVIPHARM LABORATORIES (EAST WINDSOR, NJ) SAYS IT HAS ACQUIRED the exclusive rights to Phasex’s (Lawrence, MA) supercritical fluids (SCF) technology, patents, and trademark for use in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Lavipharm has also acquired 30% equity stake in Phasex and has the right to purchase the remaining shares.

Phasex applies SCF technology to the development of separation, purification, and recrystallization processes, targeting biomolecules including protein and peptides. Phasex will continue to develop SCF technology for Nutraceuticals, polymers, surfactants, and other specialty chemicals.

Lavipharm Laboratories is the R&D arm of Lavipharm S.A. (Attica, Greece), a drugs and cosmetics maker with sales of $250 million. Lavipharm recently bought Separex (Champignuelles, France), a proteins and peptides formulator in November.

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