Aquazome Water-Soluble CBD/High Cannabinoid
Ingredient Solutions

PHCO2 Aquazome’s benefits—unique in the industry:

  • All-natural, food-grade ingredients, including a proprietary natural preservative system
  • Higher standard potency—35% total cannabinoids (vs common industry amount of 10 to 20% CBD)
  • If needed, a broad range of potencies ranging from 10% to 50%
  • Pharmacokinetics (PK) study indicating 80% absorption vs a fraction of that for competing technologies
  • Revolutionary technology—competitively priced; higher bioavailability per serving; higher loading per gram of water-soluble ingredient (350 mg per gram), which means increased value in each drop of product due to increased CBD content—differs considerably from competitor’s material
  • True water soluble as opposed to water dispensable/dispersible, creating homogenous mass
  • Conventional as well as Certified Organic CBD emulsions available in broad- and full-spectrum

When superior quality matters for your ingredients, our standards and processes ensure it.

  • Ask us about custom cannabinoid blends
  • 30 years’ experience producing all variety of botanical emulsions
  • We assist in the design and development an emulsion for each application and help ensure comparability in each product
  • Made with USDA-Certified Organic material; kosher-certified facility; GMP compliant


  • Beverages; energy, functional drinks
  • NEW! Water-soluble CBD tinctures
  • Edibles
  • Coffee
  • Salves