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Supercritical Fluids: Unique Properties, Unique Capabilities

February 7, 2013

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In our line of work, we try to direct the many unique attributes of supercritical fluids to the solution of difficult processing problems across industries. We've worked with pharmaceuticals, foods, natural products, polymers, and fine chemicals. One day we will be extracting residual raw materials and solvents from medical polymers, and the next day, we'll be extracting volatile materials from high vacuum adhesives.

Today scores of large scale industrial applications have emerged, ranging from coffee decaffeination, to extraction of hops and nutraceuticals, to purification of medical polymers. At Phasex, we've done them all. Whereas supercritical fluid technology was once viewed as a "laboratory curiosity," it has earned credibility as an effective and efficient industrial operation around the world.

We often encounter completely new applications and, because we are supercritical fluids specialists, we know exactly when using supercritical fluids will be the best option. While applications vary, it is the unique combination of physical properties that afford supercritical fluids many unique capabilities when compared to traditional liquid solvents. Some of these physical properties and attributes are:

  • Low viscosity
  • Low diffusivity
  • Liquid-like density
  • Absence of surface tension limitations
  • Absence of solvent residues

Supercritical CO2 and other gases have huge potential in many industrial applications because of these unique characteristics. We hear from people every day who are interested in learning more about supercritical fluid principles and practice. Usually the people we talk to are trying to figure out if supercritical fluids will help them achieve a goal such as increased yields or higher purity. Supercritical fluids can also help enhance characteristics of many different consumer or industrial products, and these products are always free of solvent residues. We offer the industry's only No Cost Test to help you learn if supercritical fluids will help you. 






Photo Credit: Amy Loves Yah

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