Feasibility Studies

Demonstrating Success

feasibility-study-phasex-174Companies are often hesitant to outsource innovation and product improvement, especially a long term project, without first learning the potential for success. Understanding this need, Phasex carries out short, fast-response feasibility studies to demonstrate that processing with supercritical fluids can achieve desired goals, both technically and economically.

Integrating our years of experience in applying supercritical fluids to challenging separations, we approach problem solving in a step-wise fashion, from identifying key process parameters to establishing a defined, yet flexible, window of operation. We'll also provide pre-production quantities at the multi-kilogram scale.

In order to assess the commercial viability of successful early stage laboratory results, Phasex carries out an economic evaluation based on these initial results. If (and only if) the economic analysis is very positive will concentrated process development and optimization be recommended and undertaken. Recognizing also that companies desire substantial quantities for testing we can provide multi-kilogram quantities of materials during the feasibility phase