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Phasex Corporation's "Low Cost Test"

We're well known for the Low Cost Tests that we've offered at trade shows, expositions, and to potential clients who have contacted us.

These tests demonstrate to you what supercritical fluids (and Phasex) can do on specific opportunities you need to explore.

Now we'd like to offer you a Low Cost Test. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3...

1. Email us using this form.

2. We'll promptly email you back with some quick preliminary questions. If our pre-evaluation is positive, we'll request a sample test.

3. We'll carry out a fast-response feasibility test and return the samples to you, along with a brief description of our findings, for your evaluation.

That's it. No strings. We're very easy to work with. After you have determined that your Low Cost Test results are positive and warrant further investigation, we'll be happy to discuss with you a next step for R&D or processing.

A quick note about confidentiality: your trust is very important to us. We fully recognize your need to maintain confidentiality, and at your request we will execute a non-disclosure agreement so that you can comfortably discuss your opportunity with us.

We're also phone people. Feel free to call us at 978-794-8686 for immediate attention to your inquiry about a Low Cost Test.