Toll Processing & Custom Manufacturing

Versatile and Scalable

The toll processing facilities at Phasex are the most versatile in the U.S. We have four operational suites; each suite has two vessels:

  • 2 suites: 2 x 377-liter vessels
  • 1 suite: 2 x 300-liter vessels
  • 1 suite: 2 x 200-liter vessels
  • Pending additions—2 suites: equipment ordered, 2 x 377-liter vessels

Manufacturing campaigns are carried out for many industries:

  • lubricants
  • medical polymers
  • surfactants
  • nutraceuticals
  • dietary supplements
  • reactive monomers
  • specialty chemicals

Our ability to process 1,000 or 10,000 kg quantities—or even 100,000 kg quantities—enables our customers to evaluate supercritical fluids for their specific needs without investing early stage and high-risk capital. Our expertise ensures rapid development and scale, minimizing your costs and decreasing your time-to-market.

Processing at Phasex

  • Minimize Process/Product Optimization Costs
  • Eliminate High-Risk, Early-Stage Capital Investment
  • Produce Improved Products for Test Market
  • Maximize Speed to Market

Since our founding in 1981, our goals have remained unchanged: to apply supercritical fluids to the development of innovative, industrially-viable separation processes for extracting, purifying, recrystallizing, and fractionating a wide range of polymers, natural materials, and specialty and fine chemicals.

Phasex is staffed by a team of problem-solving chemical engineers, chemists, and technical specialists. We provide a complete range of supercritical fluid extraction services: feasibility studies, research and process development, toll processing, and technology licensing.