Supercritical Fluid Shortcomings

Supercritical fluids are literally amazing. Their scope of usefulness for separation and cleaning is essentially unlimited. However, in the interest of full disclosure and the spirit of April Fools’ Day, Phasex has prepared a list of problems that supercritical fluids are just not cut out to solve.

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Economics of Supercritical Fluids - Myths vs. Facts

Some folks still think that processing with supercritical fluids is not economical. Unfortunately, the general impression still exists among chemists and chemical engineers that supercritical fluid processing is associated with high costs. In reality, you only need to look at CO2-decaffeinated coffee and tea and CO2-extracted hops, which are being sold at prices ... Read More

Supercritical Fluids: Unique Properties, Unique Capabilities

In our line of work, we try to direct the many unique attributes of supercritical fluids to the solution of difficult processing problems across industries. We've worked with pharmaceuticals, foods, natural products, polymers, and fine chemicals. One day we will be extracting residual raw materials and solvents from medical polymers, and the next day, we'll be ... Read More

Nutraceuticals: The Next Global Industry for Supercritical Fluidsobal Industry for Supercritical Fluids

More than 130 years ago, two Scottish researchers reported on an interesting phenomenon - that supercritical fluids could dissolve select compounds and that their dissolving power was pressure-dependent. This meant that the higher the pressure, the higher the dissolving power of these solvents. Subsequent work by the authors substantiated that a supercritical ... Read More


Even before testing supercritical fluid extraction on their products or raw materials, prospects frequently ask questions about costs and safety.

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The Top Ten Effective Applications of Supercritical Fluids

Phasex Corporation has developed a series of Top Ten Lists that provide interesting information and insight about supercritical fluids; this one is about Applications and we continue to Discover What's Possible.

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The Top Ten Benefits of Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Phasex Corporation has developed a Top Ten List providing interesting information and insight about supercritical fluid extraction services.

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